Our Charitable Projects

The Ladies of Charity-AIC Philippines, Inc. with its units nationwide has been actively serving the grassroots level through projects that address situations of poverty in their regions and dioceses.


The Ladies of Charity Inc. has committed to serve the less fortunate or abandoned elderly who need shelter and care through the 6 institutions for the elderly established and owned by the Ladies of Charity Units in different parts of the country. These are the Saint Vincent's Home in Bacolod City (co-managed by the Daughters of Charity), the Sorsogon Home for the Aged, Ladies of Charity Home for the Aged in Roxas Capiz, Home for the Aged in Calbayog, Damas de Caridad Home for the Aged in Victorias City and Living Care for the Aged in Pontevedra Capiz. In addition, less intensive services to the elderly ate extended through the Lingap Center Project (Day Care for the Elderly) of Christ the King Unit, Kalingap Project of Nasugbu Unit as well as various visits and assistance to poor elderly in their own homes or in shelters managed by other organizations.

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  • Saint Vincent’s Home for Older Persons in Bacolod

  • Ladies of Charity Home for the Aged in Sorsogon

  • Ladies of Charity Home for the Aged in Roxas, Capiz

  • Ladies of Charity Home for the Aged in Calbayog, Samar

  • Damas de Caridad Home for the Aged, Victorias City

  • Living Home Care for the Aged, Pontevedra, Capiz


In various capacities, the Ladies of Charity in different parts of the country aimed at alleviating poverty through education. The longest standing educational institution established, managed and sustained by the Ladies of Charity is the Sanctus Josephus School (formerly known as St. Joseph Diocesan School) in President Roxas, Capiz providing elementary and secondary education. Other less intensive educational programs among units included the skills training courses in collaboration with Tesda and scholarships provided to needy students.

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One of the most crucial social services which the impoverished Filipino cannot afford or access in the country is the health services. The Ladies of Charity attempted to alleviate this suffering by providing regular Free Medical and/or Dental Clinic, Medical Missions and Medicine Assistance. The free Tuesday clinic offered by the Ladies of Charity Legazpi with many doctor members have been sustained and regularly held at the Cathedral every Tuesday afternoon. The Mary the Queen Unit assisted by volunteers held free Saturday Dental Clinics in San Juan City. Other units practiced sick visitation providing assistance to needy patients in Charity hospitals and in their homes. Medical missions have been organized and sponsored to accommodate more beneficiaries needing health care.

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  • Legazpi Unit Free Tuesday Medical Clinic

  • Mary the Queen Unit Free Dental Clinic

  • Medical Missions


Poverty in the country and other prevailing circumstances prevented children from receiving adequate nutrition leading to stunted growth and malnutrition. For this reason, numerous feeding programs have been initiated by different Ladies of Charity Units throughout the country to augment malnourishment in schools and poor villages. Aside from the regular provision of nutritious food to children, other holistic approaches including parenting seminars and workshops for parents in providing affordable yet nutritious meals; physical hygiene training, catechesis and spiritual formation for the children. Other assistance have also been provided to the feeding beneficiaries such as school supplies, milk & vitamin supplements, etc.

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Some sectors of society have been excluded from the mainstream as a result of their prevailing situations and circumstances. Most of them have been separated from their families and have felt stripped off of their human dignity. The Ladies of Charity without prejudice reach out to these excluded members of society giving love, hope, and inspiration. These excluded sectors include: persons deprived of liberty (PDLs), abused women and children, and indigenous people (IP).


The Ladies of Charity conduct prison visitations, provide hygiene kits, livelihood programs to help them earn while isolated, and provide legal assistance. These programs alleviate their suffering away from families while making them feel God's love and that there is still hope and reason for living.

National Capital Region - Archdiocese of Manila

  • Manila City Jail

  • Las Piñas City Jail

  • Pasay City Jail

  • Novaliches District Jail

Southern Tagalog - Diocese of Lucena / San Pablo

  • Lucena City Jail

Bicol Region - Archdiocese of Caceres

  • Naga City Jail

  • Libon Municipal Jail

  • Oas Municipal Jail

Eastern Visayas - Diocese of Calbayog

  • Samar Provincial Jail, Catbalogan City

  • Calbayog City Jail

  • Basey Municipal Jail

Western Visayas - Archdiocese of Capiz

  • Iloilo Provincial Jail

  • Iloilo City Jail


Traumatic experiences from relatives and family who were supposed to protect them but violated their rights made these women and unequipped and incapable of moving on with life. Being separated from their families for their own safety left them feeling alone, neglected and isolated. The Ladies of Charity reach out to fill this gap by providing emotional, spiritual and material support. Regular visits included hosting regular Sunday masses, providing hygiene, nutritional and livelihood assistance.

  • Crisis Centers in Laguna, Pampanga and Davao


Discriminated by society, the indigenous people are witheld of opportunities other sectors enjoy. The Ladies of Charity alleviate this gap making them feel welcome while providing support through corporal services and providing livelihood opportunities.

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Acknowledging the urgency of caring for the environment as inspired by "Laudato si", the Ladies of Charity started sustainable initiatives of tree planting, vertical and organic gardening, etc. Tree planting activities have been conducted at various locations in coordination with the local governments. Vertical and organic gardens were sponsored for beneficiaries by providing trainings, tools, equipment, planting materials as well as physical labor support. Other sustainable projects include recycling and solar lamp making.

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  • Haven’s Park

  • Vertical Garden

  • Organic Garden

  • Mangrove Planting


In the advent, during and aftermath calamities, the Ladies of Charity mobilize resources at the national level and extend relief packs and livelihood assistance to beneficiaries at the sites most badly affected through the local unit members. The Ladies of Charity make sure that help truly reaches the real beneficiaries by being physically in charge and involved in the relief distribution and not merely relying on channels.

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  • Covid 19 Initiatives

  • Taal Eruption Evacuees

  • Earthquake Victims

  • Typhoon Victims


The Ladies of Charity - AIC Philippines go out to depressed communities and become instruments in organizing groups of households for regular house to house prayer visits inspired by the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary or other patron saints. The Ladies of Charity in charge build constant relationships with these families and work with a coordinator in the community to facilitate mass celebrations in the area to be attended by households and continuity of prayer schedule. In doing so, the Ladies of Charity also immerse with the community to provide corporal assistance to needy families.

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