Association of St. Louise de Marillac

The LUISAs are the junior members of the Ladies of Charity. While in their teens, they are being formed and prepared to be the FUTURE LADIES OF CHARITY.

Luisas also hail from different regions. They gather together once a year to revisit their Vincentian Spirituality. Regional gatherings are held for them to bond, inspire each other and share how they lived their Vincentian vocations. They learn from each others’ experiences and are motivated to think creatively together to internalize their mission.

Acknowledging their limitations, they rely on the grace of God to keep up with own plans and projects for the poor. They conduct their own fund-raising activities such as “Ukay” (second hand clothes) and garage sale, “Piso sa puso ” (a peso from the heart), Caroling (sharing of Christmas songs) and asking for donations. Some of their projects include distributing of school supplies to poor children, visit to Homes for the Elderly and orphanages, conducting catechism among teenagers their age, treating poor children to Jollibee and annual tree planting activities.

At an early age, the Luisas have already experienced how to be good Vincentians. They enjoyed reaching out to the less fortunate, able to help with humility and simplicity, and learned to appreciate and be grateful for their own blessings. As soon as they obtain their degrees, they automatically become full-fledged and devoted Ladies of Charity.