Brief History

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As early as 1861, Fr. Cuevas SJ who saw the need to assist the poor people in Manila organized the Confraternity of Charity even before the Vincentians and the Daughters of Charity had arrived in the Philippines. In June 1950, Fr. Zacarias Subiñas CM organized the Association of the Ladies of Charity in the Philippines initially called "Damas de la Caridad". On April 29, 1994, the Association was registered with the SEC as the Ladies of Charity-AIC Philippines, Inc. From a membership of 20 in 1950, the Ladies of Charity have spread out to other regions in the Philippines. At present, there are over 90 units and over 2,000 members nationwide.

The Ladies of Charity continue to do the works that St. Vincent de Paul started 400 years ago. And they have added more as poverty continues to spread and acquire more faces. True to the challenge of St. Vincent that love is inventive to the point of infinity, the Ladies of Charity continue to grow not just in number but more so in looking for ways and means of bringing the love of God to our brothers and sisters who hunger not just for food and home but also even more, for love, for peace, for justice.